Catherine May Saillard


Catherine May is a 20+ year resident of Fort Greene, Brooklyn (by way of France).  ICI opened in 2004 but recently transitioned to MAISON MAY DEKALB. A second location, MAISON MAY VANDERBILT opened in April 2016. Both businesses are rooted in Catherine’s belief and manifestation that there is another way to do business— one that is ethical, non-hierarchical, sustainable and supportive of the vibrant community it is in. Invested in food justice and social justice, Catherine aims to be a part of the solution, not the problem, and is conscious of the individual and collective impact in people’s lives. She works to build beautiful and also ethical businesses and everything from the produce, meat and wine to the coffee mugs, bowls and tea pots are sourced locally from small farms and craftspeople.



Catherine May Saillard in our Private Room

Catherine believes businesses should not deplete anything or anybody but rather be healing spaces that carry and nurture all people involved. She believes true change comes from small entrepreneurs and businesses and not corporations, built by and with the community and wants to inspire people to make small changes in their lives that support wellness for themselves and others. 

You can read more about her process on her website’s blog:


Lauren Berg

Private Events Manager

After to moving to Brooklyn in 2009, I answered a simple Craigslist ad for a part time brunch barista in Fort Greene. Catherine interviewed me the next day, and I was working behind the bar that weekend. I had no idea that this path I had just chosen would lead to such amazing opportunities, challenges, growth and self-discovery.

Within one year, I was the floor manager and as I sustained continuous growth, kept moving up the ladder, eventually becoming the Director of Operations in the spring of 2013. Along with Catherine, I oversaw day-to-day operations and took care of all bookings and coordination for our private events.

With hard work, and all word-of-mouth advertising, our events at MAISON MAY grew so much that I now focus solely on that. As the Private Events Manager of both spaces- MAISON MAY DEKALB and MAISON MAY VANDERBILT, I make sure each party is given equal attention, time & care no matter the size, and that each celebration at MAISON MAY is joyous, generous, nourishing and uplifting…… and not to mention serves the most delicious food you will ever experience at any event!

I grew up all over the United States as well as overseas, obtaining a variety of work experience in restaurants & non-food related jobs.  This has given me the strong ability to adapt to new and ever changing situations (perfect for the unpredictable restaurant & event world!). It has also given me a complicated answer to the common question, “where are you from?” Today, I am proud to say that I have found a home within a wonderful family of hard working & passionate people.

Are you getting married in Brooklyn? You should talk to Lauren. :)

Lauren Berg @ICI in 2013

Lauren Berg at Maison May Deklab in 2013

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