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The conversation:
“Can a group of diverse and interesting New Yorkers sit around a table for dinner and have a SINGLE sustained conversation for at least two hours—no moderator, no side conversations— just a single, contributive, collective, shall I say it…civilized, conversation on a given topic?”


It all started on a warm summer evening in the garden at ICI.
It was a peaceful evening & the conversation was rolling at the table.

James Heaton & I were catching up on all fronts: work, life, family, past & future, in a rapid & precise way, as only 2 intense New Yorkers can do…
Then the conversation slowed down a bit and we both expressed a nostalgia around our college years, James in Japan, me in France, when we could spend 1 entire evening with a small group of friends, talking passionately about 1 topic…
Yes, that’s right. 1 thing at a time…
We looked at each other and had the same surging idea:
Could we reproduce that?
Could we foster that?
Would people be willing to do?
Could our brains actually sustain it?

We held our 1st chapter last summer, and see here what James wrote about it.

The next Conversation will take place next on Thursday, February 5th, starting at 6:30 PM in the Private Room.

To request an invitation to future events please contact us here.

This series of small scale events held at ICI offers the opportunity to participate in an inspirational, intergenerational, single, sustained and unmoderated conversation. 
The topic of conversation is revealed at the event and is unknown to any of the participants beforehand.
The event is conceived & organized by Tronvig Group and ICI.
It is for the intellectual & culinary pleasure of the participants.
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