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Imagine that your pay depended on the mood of your clients, or on whether all your colleagues and superiors did their jobs well.
Since 1996, the federal tipped-minimum wage for food workers  has been $2.13. So far, only seven states have passed legislation eliminating this kind of sub-wage, requiring all workers to be paid a statewide minimum wage. Some states have taken steps to increase the tipped wage slightly.
For example, New York restaurant workers are now paid $5 an hour.
Yet many states still pay their food industry workers less than $3 an hour.
70% of tipped workers are women. They suffer from three times the poverty rate of the rest of the US workforce. They use food stamps at double the rate of the rest of the US workforce, which means that the women who put food on our tables in America cannot actually afford to eat themselves.

Minimum tip wage in Restaurant BusinessThe change needs to come within the restaurant industry, says Catherine May Saillard, owner of ICI restaurant in Brooklyn.

One way to do so is to “change the way people think about leadership and authority within restaurant setting” and to get more women in the leadership positions.

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